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Fear of Failure & Motivation Training
’Getting back your self-confidence and motivation feels like a new beginning’

‘Overcoming fear of failure changes your life forever’

‘The Daredevils method effects your study as well as your entire life!’

- Daredevils method -

Dr Tanya Defferary

Counselling Psychologist

I have found that Pia’s books get to the heart of the matter. Fear of Failure is something we all experience, to varying degrees, at some point in our lives...


Young adult

Thank you for the meaningful support you gave me this year. At the end of 2019, I suffered from anxiety and very low energy.

Dale Newman

Teacher & trainer

I’ve been using the Daredevils method intensively for the past 4 years as trainer, both in group form and for individual training. In both cases I’ve only had positive feedback from pupils and parents. 

'The Daredevils method is an active method to break the cycle of paralyzing stress

- Daredevils method -

‘This method is immediately applicable and leads to rapid results

- Daredevils method -


Books to boost awareness and self-confidence!


E-books for easy access all over the world!


Follow my webinars for more or personal advice!

‘Evidence based method for students, parents, schools and counsellors’

‘Nerve is needed to overcome nerves’

Translated from

‘Evidence-based’ methode voor leerlingen, studenten, ouders, school en zorgbegeleiders

‘Leven is meervoud van lef’ (Loesje)

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