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All these people experienced the Daredevilsmethod. It might be interesting for you as well. If they dit it, you can!

BS Julie Spijker Nash

Mother, Lisse The Netherlands

Thanks to the Daredevils method from Pia, my daughter was able to find her own motivation and self-esteem. It took just a few meetings and the book, with some easy videos, to help get my daughter back on track. She was able to realize it was mostly her wanting to get the good grades. Understanding the real physical aspects of a black out and how your body reacts was definitely key. We liked the fact that it was not a complicated program and easy to apply. Actually something for everyone to be able to use at one point or another.

December 2019


High school student, American School The Hague

I am a high school student that worked with Pia and the Daredevils method for a few sessions. This method helped me to identify negative thought patterns and to learn how to change them. Although the tips and tricks are seemingly simple, a matter of simply changing one word of your thought sometimes, this method is incredibly effective. The best part is, although we worked on specific thought patterns during our sessions, I feel confident that I am able to apply the method in any future situations where I find negative thoughts slipping back into my mind. It is very easy to apply and has truly helped me. I felt liberated!

November 2019

Ruben Dorren

Former student Psychology, Antwerpen

Simple and effective! During my bachelor education Applied Psychology I worked several times with the Daredevils method, in particular for fear of failure training courses and motivation loss (which are connected of course). This method has certainly proved its usefulness. Students often are not aware of their patterns of thoughts and the influence they have on it. The Daredevils method provides active tools. A wonderful combination of the Rational Emotive Therapy and neuroplasticity. Thanks for this!

June 2019, Antwerpen


Former high school student, Leiden

Somewhere in 4VWO I ended up in a dip with my science subjects. I did my homework and understood everything but the moment I took the test, I shut down. Total black out! It was very frustrating for me. I was afraid that people would think I just was not spending enough time preparing, so I stayed silent and my tension increased. During class 5 my mentor advised me to see the new team leader. That team leader was Pia Crul, author of DAREDEVILS, a method developed for overcoming fear of failure. I told her what happened and immediately had the idea I was taken seriously and that something could be done about it. 

I registered for the trainings and did the exercises from Daredevils at home. At first it was strange - for example - to write notes saying ‘that I was worthy at least a 7 in physics and mathematics’, but it later became a reassurance and a proven fact. Half way through class 5 I would never have believed that instead of my twos and threes for mathematics, I would get a 6 for my final exam. Nor would I have believed that I would eventually study physics. It has been very important for me that there were people who believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself. Pia gave me that trust and she also taught me to trust myself.

March 2014, The Netherlands

Dale Newman

Teacher & trainer, Amstelveen

My name is Dale Newman, born in London, England but I’ve been living in The Netherlands for the last 28 years. After a long technical education and career, I found my way into the education system. I work at Gymnasium Felisenum which is where shortly, I’ll be giving fear of failure training. That’s how I got to know Pia Crul who has her own fear of failure training method called Daredevils. I’m very enthusiastic about her method. It enables me to stitch all the - sometimes missing - pieces together to offer a complete, structured and compact course that pupils really do understand. 

I’ve been using the Daredevils method intensively for the past 4 years as trainer, both in group form and for individual training. In both cases I’ve only had positive feedback from pupils and parents. The book is easy to read and digest not just for a trainer, but also (not unimportantly) for the pupil, with it’s short, clearly described chapters and lots of clarifying images.

April 2016, Amstelveen the Netherlands

Eva de Geus

Medical doctor at the pediatric ward on Aruba

Already 8 years ago I met Pia, while I was in my last year of high school. For years then I experienced a lot of difficulty with all kinds of tests, exams, presentations etcetera. I am a perfectionist and I used to be so nervous that I could block completely or have symptoms like nausea, increased heart rate and sweating. All originating from fair of failure. My dream was to attend medical school, so I obliged myself to search for help in order to suceed. With Pia I talked about perfectionism, she explained me the proces of learning and together we practiced respiratory exercises. Both knowledge and practical tips I still use today; with exams, presentations or even applications for example. Nowadays I am still a perfectionist and may still be nervous at times, but I don’t block anymore and I can handle stressful moments very well. At this moment I work as medical doctor at the pediatric ward on Aruba and hope to become a tropical doctor in the future. 

January 2021, Aruba

Nicky Moor

Master Student Linguistics

When we just met I was insecure about my own abilities and I didn’t think I was very intelligent. Tests and exams would always be preceded by anxiety attacks, and during exams I would get blackouts.
It only took you three sessions to show me that I could be in control of this anxiety, and that I was so much more than I used to think I was. I even decided to take the risk and go to university!
 I now have my BA in English Language and Culture and I am currently doing a Master’s in Linguistics. To be fair, I am still a perfectionist and I still loathe exams, but I am in control of my fear of failing, and I now know how to prevent a blackout from happening. I am better at recognising my own boundaries and I now know how to believe in myself. Dear Pia, thank you for teaching me this!  

And … last of all, is was an honour to do the voice overs of your visualisations!

2020 Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Martie van Essen

Giftedness coach for teachers and students, Voorburg

DAREDEVILS is a practical and penetrating book about fear of failure. Practical because it clearly and rationally describes what fear of failure is, and paves the way to combat fear of failure. Penetrating because it also describes what fear of failure can mean emotionally, what you feel and experience when you have fear of failure, also when you are gifted and have fear of failure. Penetrating because it shows how those around us, even if it is well meant, sometimes contribute to that fear of failure. Pia Crul describes all these aspects in accessible language, in a book which is easy to read. This book is a testimony of the great empathy and passion to offer a helping hand to (young) people with fear of failure. This book is a must for people with fear of failure and for those who work with them.

March 2014, the Netherlands

Dr Tanya Defferary

Counselling Psychologist, Port Elizabeth South Africa

I have found that Pia’s books get to the heart of the matter. Fear of Failure is something we all experience, to varying degrees, at some point in our lives. Her Daredevils books allow us to challenge these concerns aiming to help teenagers or students develop their self-confidence and motivation, replacing these fears. The books are laid out in a clear and methodical way, each section builds on the other, making them an insightful read and easy to use. Warm regards, Tanya

May 2019, Port Elizabeth South Africa


Young adult

Thank you for the meaningful support you gave me this year. At the end of 2019, I suffered from anxiety and very low energy. You were one of the people who helped me see clearly again and take new steps into the future. Together, we used your method in several sessions. You helped me understand the background of my problem, which was very useful. After this, we slowly worked towards a period in which I became more able to make authentic and confident choices. You gave me the push I needed, as well as tools to use on a daily basis. 
This method gave me the courage to invest in the future and in a new addition to my carreer. I look back at our conversations as low key and understandable. The true effect became noticeable for me in the days, weeks and months after the sessions, as it became more clear to me how to use my values and strengths. Thank you for the patience, acumen and approachability.

September 2020, Leiden the Netherlands

Dick van Hennik

Former rector Dalton Voorburg, Former Chairman of the Executive Board and Foundation of School groups Spinoza, President National Association of Giftedness Profile Schools

For a long time Pia has supervised several groups of pupils each year to handle the feeling of powerlessness that is keeping them from accomplishing what they essentially should be able to. Reason enough to put together her experiences in a book that acts as a guide for all those who suffer from performance anxiety. I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

May 2012, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Kevin Robinson

Former USAF Crew Chief & Manager, writer, disabled father of 3 teens

During the summer of 2017, I found that 2 of my 3 teens were about to enter High School and I wanted to give them a competitive edge.  I wanted them to face this new challenge with the confidence to have the clarity to succeed. “Daredevils for Teenagers” was recommended to me, and it was the best thing for them and ironically, me too. Pia Crul’s training manual was clear and direct to the point. 
- She addressed Procrastination (How it creates a negative mindset)
- Fears of expectations (How we create unnecessary worry)
Testing and Exams fears (How to overcome for best effort)

As I worked with my teens with these methods, I quickly found that even though the manual was created for teens, with a focus on High School life, there were certain aspects that were helpful with my own personal struggles. 
- Fear (How it blocks your Mind)
- Perfectionism

These were areas that as an adult male, I had long struggled with and now had a clear understanding of where to begin changing some of that ineffective behaviors that were holding me back from finding balance in my Life. 
I highly recommend “Daredevils” to anyone looking to rebuild that broken bridge that occurs when our kids head off to High school because it gives a precise look at what teens go through while trying to navigate the new environment that they are in. And it gives clear tools to work with that not only boosts your child’s self-confidence, but it may help you find your own. 

January 2021, Orlando, USA

Tom Fadrhonc

Intercultural Management advice in sports, company, education.

The Daredevils method gets fear of failure to the surface and gives light and air to this hindering phenomena. A book that ev’ry teacher should read. Rejection and ‘not belonging’ is increasingly common on internationalizing schools. So does fear of failure.

May 2015, The Hague, Netherlands

‘Evidence based method for students, parents, schools and counsellors’

‘Nerve is needed to overcome nerves’

Translated from

‘Evidence-based’ methode voor leerlingen, studenten, ouders, school en zorgbegeleiders

‘Leven is meervoud van lef’ (Loesje)

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