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What is fear of failure?

Fear of failure means literally the fear to fail and I have been concerned with this phenomenon in all its forms, like too much study stress, lack of confidence, lack of motivation and social anxiety, for more than 20 years now. I have developed a method in which the term ‘fear of failure’ deliberately is hardly used. I'd rather call it BLOCKADE-STRESS.

The concept of fear of failure is confusing. For example, if you are not prepared for a task, you will feel anxious when you have to perform because you might fail due to lack of preparation. However, you can also experience the feeling of fear of failing when you have to do something beyond your capabilities. 

Fear of failure means that you possess the ability to do something, but tension at a certain moment causes you to shut down. You block and because of the fear of repetition you might step into a pattern of so called BLOCKADE STRESS. This is comparable with an injury. It has a genetic element. Maybe you were born with weak ankles, but you can work on strengthening them. Or it takes more time, like when you got injured some time ago, but you never gave your injury a good chance to heal. You put on band-aids hoping that you would heal… but you didn’t. So you might lose your confidence and motivation after a while. 

Luckily, fear of failure or blockade stress can be cured; It is not an anomaly that you are stuck with for the rest of your life. It is about stress and blockades which have a cause. It is about patterns of thoughts and about substances generated in your brain. You have the ability to reset your brain! Only then you will overcome your lack of confidence and lack of motivation and lose your social anxiety! Only then will you learn to deal with your study stress. One thing is clear: you need nerves to dare to change. That is why my method is called Daredevils.

You are a DAREDEVIL if...

... you have the guts 
to see that you have 
a problem.
... you dare to talk about it.
... you are searching for help.
... you transform your vulnerability into your power.

You have become a Daredevil if you have conquered your problems and start taking new steps...
Developing Dare is about changing and that’s Living.

Why the Daredevils method?

This method offers:

  • A clear explanation on how mental blockades work both mentally and physically.
  • A connection to the working of the brain.
  • A connection to the reality of the student.
  • Recognition and consciousness, which brings motivation to work.
  • Clear exercises which are immediately applicable and lead to rapid success.
  • A clear applicability to students’ entire lives.
  • Audio recorded visualisations which are, along with the exercises, a unique and powerful tool for recovery.
  • More awareness for parents and teachers or counsellors to achieve more understanding, trust and guidance.
  • The Daredevils method is based on CBT and Neuroplasticity

‘You are a Daredevil if you transform vulnerability into power!’

- Daredevils method -

‘Evidence based method for students, parents, schools and counsellors’

‘Nerve is needed to overcome nerves’

Translated from

‘Evidence-based’ methode voor leerlingen, studenten, ouders, school en zorgbegeleiders

‘Leven is meervoud van lef’ (Loesje)

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