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I am really proud and happy to have been able to visit so many places already and share my story.

I am hosting FREE WEBINARS every second Tuesday from February 23 - April 13
Did you miss the webinar?
No problem. REPLAYS will be available 2 weeks after each webinar.

‘Stepping out with Daredevils’ Tuesday, April 13
This last webinar will be about the blockades of gifted children, motivation loss
and finally about parents' role
Click here for the REPLAY (available until April 27)

‘Stepping out with Daredevils’ Tuesday, March 23
In this third webinar we will talk about procrastination and perfectionism and the special tool the method is offering: visualisations
Due to technical problems there is no REPLAY available

‘Stepping out with Daredevils’ Tuesday, March 9
After a short repeat of Feb 23, using the Vicious Circle we will go deeper into the causes of blockade- stress like thoughts about capacities and expectations 

‘Stepping out with Daredevils’ Tuesday, February 23
'Why the Daredevils method? What is blockade-stress and what are the causes? What happens during a mental block or a black-out and what is the Vicious Circle of the method?'

Local Dutch time 19.00 until +/- 19.45 CET
SUBSCRIBE NOW via Webinar Geek, the name of the Webinar is ‘Stepping out with Daredevils’

February 2 ‘Learning in Covid-time’ webinar for parents and school, VCL the Hague
February 9 Blockadestress for teachers of the Pleysier College, The Hague
March 10th & 17 Trainingsday Daredevilsmethod for Teachers, Hondsrug College, Emmen
June 8 Congress ‘Resilience with students’ for teachers and counsellors, Amersfoort

October 20 Blockade Stress for student-counsellors, Utrecht
September 17 Blockade Stress for student-counsellors, Utrecht
February 18 PTO Speakers Fund presentation, International School Amsterdam
February 17 MMN presentation for parents of the American School The Hague

December 8 Teachers Zone College Enschede
October 12 ‘Coping with stress’ at PHD’s of Sanquin 
April 5 Symposium for general practitioners & GGZ in Bunnik

December 6 Anatolia Student Association VU Amsterdam
October 18 Teacher training Examstress Gymnasium Sorghvliet The Hague
October 15 Workshop tentamstress at bteh University VU in Amsterdam
October 2 Online webinar SQULA about fear of failure at primary schools
October 1&8  Workshop Effective study skills University of Amsterdam

November 29 Congress Examstress for Medilex
November 22 National Congress about Fear of Failure in primary schools
October 12 ‘Motivation needs space’ at Webster University Leiden
October 9 Effective study skills at University of Amsterdam

November 29  Parents of Picasso Lyceum Zoetermeer
March 29 ‘Gifted Children’ for Medilex 

March 19 Congress about Underachievement for Medilex
January 29 Stage anxiety at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague 
January 27 Daredevilsmethod for teachers Fioretti College Lisse
January 15 Congress Fear at School for Medilex 

December 3  ‘Success and Perfectionism’ International students Groningen
May 12 LVSA Study advisers of higher educations and universities
May 17 Pro-Music education in A’dam

March School pricipals of BPS schools (Gifted Children)

October Knowledge Festival of the University Leiden
September Teachers of SKAI College in Willemstad (Curacao)

My work is my passion! There is no greater satisfaction than to strengthen the self-confidence of young people!

- Pia Crul Daredevils method -

‘Evidence based method for students, parents, schools and counsellors’

‘Nerve is needed to overcome nerves’

Translated from

‘Evidence-based’ methode voor leerlingen, studenten, ouders, school en zorgbegeleiders

‘Leven is meervoud van lef’ (Loesje)

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