Training day for Student Counsellors

Oktober 2020

Last year I was asked by LOShbo, the National Organisation of Student Counsellors, to organise training days for student counsellors on the subject of what I call “Blockade Stress”, the stress students may experience before taking an exam. In recent years it’s become apparent that students experience an increasing level of stress, which may distort their exam results. Various counsellors therefore requested more tools to support students in coping with their stress levels. During the training, which due to Covid-19 was done in person and online, we spoke about the possible causes of stress, for example high expectations or perfectionism, and about stepping out of the vicious circle of worry one can get trapped in. We covered the topic of learning to manage one’s thoughts and the effect of adrenaline on the brain. And of course we talked about Neuroplasticity, our ability to change our thought patterns. These training days were very successful and gave me a lot of satisfaction, not in the least because my audience was actively involved, curious to learn more and responded with enthusiasm.  I am confident the newly gained knowledge will benefit their students.

‘Evidence based method for students, parents, schools and counsellors’

‘Nerve is needed to overcome nerves’

Translated from

‘Evidence-based’ methode voor leerlingen, studenten, ouders, school en zorgbegeleiders

‘Leven is meervoud van lef’ (Loesje)

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